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You've heard it said before - Freedom is Not Free. This is especially true here in Okaloosa County   where we have such an extensive military family community. Unfortunately, we have suffered the loss of several members of our military family over the course of the years. In their honor, we would like to dedicate our Vote in Honor of a Vet web page to the memory of those who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives in the Khobar Towers bombing of 1996. Putting themselves in harm's way, they defended your freedom, but lost theirs. Please don't let their sacrifice be in vain. Vote in Honor of a Vet. 

The Vote In Honor of a Vet program is a unique look at the importance of voting and how a single vote can make a big difference the electoral process. The program is approximately 20 minutes including offering high school students an opportunity to register to vote.

The program is delivered through a video presentation. The goals of the program are for high school students and citizens to understand the sacrifices veterans have made to uphold the freedom they have to live in a democratic society, as well as create awareness of their responsibility to preserve democracy by taking part in the elections process.



Vote In Honor of a Vet in the Community:

Originally designed for voting age students in local high schools, the Vote In Honor of a Vet program has been restructured to serve as a "featured program" for any Okaloosa County community, professional or civic organization. The Vote In Honor of a Vet presentation can accommodate 15 to 45 minutes of program space.

For more information or to schedule a Vote In Honor of a Vet presentation, please contact Shiana Youngblood at  850-689-5600.



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